Rob's Carpet Care - Dirt's Worst Nightmare. Serving Warsaw, IN and all of the surrounding areas.
Rob's Carpet Care - Dirt's Worst Nightmare. Serving Warsaw, IN and all of the surrounding areas.


The following satisfied customers have given us permission to use their names and testimonials as references. The customers marked as "Meets or exceeds expectaions." filled out our survey favorably but did not add a testimonial.


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Early Morning Call

I called Rob at 5:00am when my icemaker broke and flooded my kitchen.  He and his employee were here by 5:30am. Had water cleaned up, things drying out (and me calmed down!) by 6:30am.  They checked a couple times a day for the next few days to assure things were drying out properly.  I am SO PLEASED with the way my aging carpet looked after being cleaned. THANKS!!!

-Chris Miller

Another Water Leak!

We had a water leak in our basement, within 24 hours of calling Rob's he was out and started the process of cleaning up and drying out the area. We never had to call for him to come out and check on things.  Rob also helped us work with our insurance company to get them the correct paperwork and information they needed!

-Steve & Penny Martin


Satisfied Customer!

Rob, you and your technicians - including Brenda, for her expertise - are awesome!  Thank you for my, new wall and new carpet. (and, so far, no more leaks!) I have already recommended you to several of my friends!

-Rowan Daggett

For old carpet, the job you did for us was better than we could of ever expected!


-Wayne Welty

I've listened to your Radio Commercials numerous times over the years and already had "High Expectations" of you and your service. What exceeded that was your attitude, friendliness, and helpfulness. Those qualities are as important or even more so in small towns like ours. Job well done! I would use you again in a minute!


-Mike Hoover

Everything looks nice - Thank You!


-Becky Watson

"My carpets look like the day they were installed! Thanx for a great job! :)"

-Elaine Reed - Warsaw

Loved how fast it dried! "The Stain" is most definately lighter and not near as noticable, and the rest are gone! Thank You!


- Heather Lechlitner - Napannee

Thank you for being so responsive to our limited schedule. The carpet looks better than new. Your suggestion about the carpet care going forward is appreciated. It was a pleasurable experience. We'll refer you to our friends.

Thought of the day: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." Thanks for a great job!


- Robert & Christine Fisher - Warsaw

Our carpet was cleaned on 2/18/13. We have been happy with the work done and will certianly call you in the future.


- Jerry Hinesley - Leesburg

Rob, Once again I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate all that you & your son, + Brenda did. For sure if anyone has water problems you are the man. You have the knowledge and equipment to make a job seem like every day work. Deb and I was telling Deb’s sister-in-law <name omitted> what a great job you did. I also told her to call you for carpet cleaning. Thanks again


– Betty Bougher – Winona Lake


Excellent Job! 

Your work far exceeded my expectations!


- Chad Hill - Cromwell

We appreciated the help you gave us in a time of crisis. Your knowledge of how to care for our problem most efficiently and professionally was extremely reassuring. We especially appreciated the quality of the work of the contractors you hired for us: Gary Slabaugh & Bob Stutzman. We will call you again if we are in need. Thank you!


– Name withheld at customer request.


Dear Rob and Brenda, Thank you so much for coming last Thursday to clean the carpets. The areas that you did are noticeably cleaner. We appreciate the great job that you did. I do hope your business continues to grow. We will advertise for you and hope to use your services again. Respectfully


- Carole Steele – Mentone


My kids & I enjoyed the gift bag – a nice touch I would never expect from a franchised carpet cleaner. I prefer the friendliness and personal touch of small, locally owned businesses. Good to meet you. God bless toy on your move.


– Tim Sprankle


Unless all the spots come back tomorrow J I’m definitely impressed! Thanks a lot!!


– Gina H.


Thanks, We had it cleaned once before (the stain by the door on the right side) & it didn’t come clean. You did a great job & got it all clean. Will call you! 


– Jackie Cook


Rob & Brenda, Thank you so much for your prompt service! The carpet looked great and the smell was greatly diminished (not 100% gone, but that’s OK!) We will call you!


– Name withheld at customer request.


We thank you so much for the great job you did for our family. The carpet looks great and smells great too! Thank you dearly for your donations!


– Lighthouse Church – Dana Shell


Dear Brenda, Just a very quick note to tell you thank you so much for such a wonderful job you guys did on our carpets. They are like brand new and so wonderful. If we have not moved, we want to get on a maintenance schedule to keep them up; small money to protect such an expensive investment I think. Hope your trip home was OK and again we are so grateful! If we can ever help ya’all in the future… please do not hesitate to give us a jingle. Sincerely


– Linda


Dear Rob and Brenda.  T H A N K S . . . . . Once again for the redemption of my carpet(s). They look and smell like new again. I appreciate your courtesy in answering the phone when I call for service. I never wonder if you are still in business. My calls are answered immediately or returned promptly if I leave a message. Once again I appreciate your careful and through workmanship. I thank you for answering any and all questions honestly about what is done. I am grateful that you never practice the “hard sell” method to make more money. Thanks again & you can be sure I will recommend you wherever and whenever possible.


- Anna & Richard Clay – Warsaw


They did a wonderful job – it looked fabulous, It did not even look the same.


– Angela Williaman


Thank you – Carpets look great!


– Krista


Exceeded my expectations!


– Cleo Combs


We were very happy with the results! The difference in the carpets were amazing. We thought we would have to replace the carpets as bad as they were. After you cleaned them they looked good as new! We are very satisfied and have already started spreading the word on how good a job you did!


- Mike & Sue Stevens


We did a demo for this customer in 2007 and they new our service!


– William Beuoy


The carpet looks better than we dreamed it could. We appreciated the extra time you spent so that it did look so nice. Very nice people- we enjoyed doing business with you.


– Jack Sausaman


Exceeded my expectations!


– Heather & Joe Slone


You did a great job. Since you cleaned my other carpet I expected you would do great.


– Noreta Mort


We were amazed at how great our carpet looked when you were done. We recently moved into our home and had resigned ourselves to a “temporary cleaning” until we replaced it. Your excellent service gave it new life and will enable us to delay replacement. I will recommend your service without hesitation. Thank you.


- Maureen & Jason Flynn – Huntington


I am very pleased with the cleaning on my carpets, they look great!


– Name withheld at customer request.


Hallway – kitchen was very dirty – Done a great job, looks great I’m happy!


– Barbra Michael


Very good Job!


– Robert Divine


Good Job! Thanks!


– Gayle


Exceeded my expectations!


– Bob Griffith


They were very professional & through and moved furniture that I didn’t expect them to move. Great Job!


– Mrs. Smith


Was pleased with overall service. Please call me in May-June. Would like a more clear estimate areas spelled out & priced. For Senior a next day call or follow up with help putting back heavy items such as chairs & area rugs that are heavy for people with physical challenges. Thank you!


– Sue Fuson



Met my expectations.


– Barbra Hill


As bad as my kitchen always is, I am a sloppy cook, I am always amazed at how great it looks when you are done. Thank you!


- Sharon A. Dustin


Exceeded my expectations.


– Ann Hudson


Our stains were very bad prior to cleaning… Very happy with quality of service. All staff= very helpful & professional. When I placed a call to Rob’s Carpet Care to inquire about getting carpets cleaned the staff was very prompt & provided quick service. Thanks!


– Brad & Amy Kellar


As I see it you did a very good job. I thought the smell would linger but the next day it was gone. You also got the very dirty spot in front of the door.


– Marilyn Klinefelter


Exceeded my expectations.


– Laura Schue


Exceeded my expectations


– Helen Rhinehart


I was told they would arrive between 11:30 and 12:00. I took my son to my parent’s house. I got home at 12:35 a little late. They were waiting for me in my driveway. Usually it is the other way around when I am expecting a business to show up @ my home. Thanks so much for being on time!


– Rachael Polk


They were very courteous and professional. Just very friendly and helpful people. It is nice to be helped by people who treat you just like a friend. They were not someone who is playing a role or acting. I would call them again for any future needs and recommend them to all.


– Marlene Stookey


I had the carpet, sofa and chair cleaned and was very well pleased for the job done. Things smelled so fresh and clean! I’d recommend you folks to clean my friends’ homes anytime. Thanks for a very nice job done. God bless you,


- E. Albertson


I have always been pleased with your work. In the past I have tried other companies and have found yours to be among the top of the lists.


– Bonnie Burnsworth


Met my expectations.


– Lori Grossnickle


I like when someone tells me they will do something and follows through with their word. This is what you did. My carpet was very dirty you did a great job on cleaning it.


- Dale Boggs


With my carpets being so old I never dreamed they could look this good even the traffic areas. I will use you again.


– Betty Baugher


My carpets look brand new! Thank you so much. The “drying” time was much faster than others I have used. Thanks for taking the time to work on a couple of stubborn stains. Great Job!


– Sherry Pequignot


I am “very” pleased with Rob’s Carpet Cleaning.


– Sandra Tinkey


Exceptional with everything from professionalism to friendliness to quality of work! Much better than “Stanley Steamer”. I have often used them in our other home (Indianapolis). Will use Rob in future & recommend to others! You can call me to confirm my documented words: <number and email address omitted for publication on website>


– Lisa Larkin


I had to leave to take Bill to dialysis and you were gone when I returned so I cannot “rate” the above listing, but I am happy with the work done and pleased to call in the future about my upstairs room. Right now I have too many items to be moved before it can be cleaned!


– William Deerwester


Rob’s Carpet Cleaning Co. was recommended to me by a good friend and did not disappoint me by their service. My carpet was very dirty in spots and they cleaned it perfectly. I will recommend them to anyone.


– Ardis Haines


Rob and Brenda arrived right on the designated time and were very courteous and professional. They went about their task and when completed I was very pleased! I would & will recommend them very highly!


– Keith R Stevens


Very fast process. Helped with moving furniture for me, being a senior lady alone, this meant a lot. Pleased with the pleasant odor and it didn’t stay in place very long.


– Norma J Tyler


Thanks so much! The carpets are great! Thanks for friendly service and patients with the dog, “Rocky” J Sorry I didn’t make it back before you guys left! Thanks again!

*note*  I am a happy client, I just prefer not to mention my name at this time, Thanks!


–Name withheld at customer request.


Exceeded my expectations.


– Barry Donley


Rob and his partner were very professional and polite. I was very pleased with the work they had done. I can honestly say that my wife and I will use your services again.


– Justin Warnick


Great job! Thanks! It was a pleasure meeting you!


–Rey Johnson


We were very pleased with the knowledge from Rob about the type of carpets have and how to keep them clean (since some of our carpets are rough and hard to keep clean). Also, we are very pleased with how clean and safe our carpets are now for our children!


- Alex Calhoun


Thanks for doing a great job. Rob and Dennis were great to have clean our carpet. Very professional & courteous . They made me feel like my carpet (house) was important to them. I like that.


– Philip Randall


Thanks for doing a great job!


– Sara Miller


You did a great job. You explained what you was going to do & what to expect. The traffic areas came out looking great. You answered all my questions that I had.


– Vickie Miller


Thanks for a job well done. In the cleaning of our carpet, you went to great lengths to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction. Also, you were very courteous and helpful in your work. We would recommend you to anyone. Thank you. 


– Cloyce and Patsy Menzie


No complaints at all. Job well done.


– Wanita Biship


A well done job! The carpets look great!


– Greg Burgher


I was so impressed with your whole package! The quickness, the customer service, and the friendliness. This company truly prides themselves on customer service – and made sure that we were happy as customers. Very impressed with everything and will recommend you to all our friends and family. Thank you, Thank you for doing such a great job!


– Kim Miller


Rob’s Carpet [Care] thoroughly cleans and does a great job of explaining pet odors. Our kitchen is awesome! Rob’s cleaning made it look like new. Our kitchen is so much brighter.


– Joe Shepherd


A very good experience. The team worked well together quietly doing their jobs. And our carpets look great. The spots are gone!


– Dwayne & Kathy Carmer


I never thought the carpets could look this good again, or smell clean again. The dogs are mad at you because Mommy won’t let them on the couch anymore.


– Cheryl Grass


I am very pleased & will recommend you to anyone.


– Gary Kuhn


Good job on my carpet!


– Sue Bradway


Rob’s Carpet Care brought my 12 year old carpet back to brand new condition! Even the areas with heavy traffic are clean and spot free. I’m completely satisfied. Thank you!


– Cindy Demster


Everything was very professional. Great teamwork and I’d be happy to have you again and give references.


– Barbara Shamake


Exceeded my expectations.


– Elisabeth McNeely


Carpets look great, Thank you! Also, thank you for your recommendation on further care for pet spots. It was nice to know there was another option before replacing carpet.


– Melissa Hartman


I was going to buy new carpeting, I don’t need to now! (Very Good) Thank you!


– Dave and Deb Hollar


Overall – Very Nice Job! Thank you!


–Marsh Peppel


Very professional, yet kind/friendly  -- “DOWN-TO-EARTH”… which I appreciated. Also—discussed keeping eyes & ears “open” for new job opportunities  for my husband, John.


– Tiffany Oglesbee

Very good service.


–Michael K.


Met or exceeded my expectations. – Phyllis Stouffer


Met or exceeded my expectations. – Marge Stewart 


Met or exceeded my expectations. – Ray & Janet Biltz


Met or exceeded my expectations. –Larry Jefferies


Very Pleased, excellent job! – Pricilla Nisly


Great Job! Thank you! – Deb & John Bender


Great Job! Will contact you before 6 mo. For reduced price!


–Sara Landis


Thanks for getting out the stains that we thought were permanent! We tried everything & nothing worked. 


–Jason Hart


Very pleased with the work. Carpets look great!


–Elliot Jang


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