Rob's Carpet Care - Dirt's Worst Nightmare. Serving Warsaw, IN and all of the surrounding areas.
Rob's Carpet Care - Dirt's Worst Nightmare. Serving Warsaw, IN and all of the surrounding areas.

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Pet problems are one of the worst things to deal with in your carpet and furniture.


Many times you may feel there is nothing that can be done. you just have to get new carpeting or furniture.


Well there is a better way.

You see most cleaners CANNOT deal with pet odors they either dont have the proper products or knowlage to combat this problem.


So how can we fix this problem.

First: Carpet cleaning alone will not get rid of urine smell! You must use a product specific to urine to remove the smell first then continue on with your cleaning.


Second: there are tons of products on the market today that say then can get rid of pet odors. Some with minumal results to others that just downright dont work. If you dont use the proper products and apply them correctly you will not get rid of the smell. Most carpet cleaners use a strong deodorizer to try and fix the problem. But a deodorizer is just a mask when it wears off the problem will still be there and sometimes worse.


Here at Robs Carpet Care we have a solution to get rid of the smell permanately. With our exclusive RPET process we not only help with the smell but can remove most of the staining that is left behind. Now when you are dealing with pet urine there a multitude of variables so no one can garuantee full sucess in getting rid of the problem 100%. But with our RPET problem we can gurantee 70 to 100% eratication of the problem.


To Learn more about Pet Problems in carpet and furniture download our FREE consumer guide at the top of this page.


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