Rob's Carpet Care - Dirt's Worst Nightmare. Serving Warsaw, IN and all of the surrounding areas.
Rob's Carpet Care - Dirt's Worst Nightmare. Serving Warsaw, IN and all of the surrounding areas.

Home Owners Rolodex

Save Big With Our Preferred Business Partners!

Company Description Contact Information
Allegra Print and Imaging Exceptional Printing Service Greg Houlton
    (574) 269-5411


Kozon Plumbing & Heating


Plumbing, Heating/Cooling


and Electic


(260) 856-2225

Ritter Electric



Daves Electric



Wolford Dry Cleaning

Plumbing Heating/Cooling And Electric

Electric Heating and Cooling



Full Service Dry Cleaning


Office Phone

    (574) 267-5885


Redpath Fruth Funeral Home


Funeral Home


Office Phone

    (574) 268-0225


Boggs Automotive 


Complete Auto Repair


Butch Boggs

    (574) 268-6360

Deweys Automotive        


Aqua Systems

Complete Auto Repair 


Water Sales

(260) 255-9954


Jim Bricker

    (574) 268-0078


Advanced Home Inspections


Residential Inspections

    (574) 370-3564


Matthews' Painting Company,


Residential Painting and Staining


Office Phone

(574) 834-3575

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You will be able to call on these businesses without risk, knowing that you are going to get fantastic service at a fair price, because I have already checked them out or used their services myself, and can wholeheartedly recommend them to you. This way you will know up front that you will be working with an honest and ethical company. Be sure to tell these companies that you heard of them from Rob’s Carpet Care!

Whether you are looking for an Attorney, Accountant, Home Inspector or just someone to paint your home, we have reputable companies to help you. Our partners can help cut the costs and frustrations associated with buying or selling your home. Check out the links listed below for more information.


Email us for a list of suggested inspectors, contractors, roofers, etc. We have worked with many vendors, weeded out the bad, and will put you in the right direction. After all - it's our reputation that is on the line so know that we will send you only the best names!



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